• Mafisa Restami Politeknik nsc surabaya


The incrasing of Tourist in Surabaya is 9,6 million foreign tourist this year, while total domestic and foreign
tourist were 76 million people a year before. Those increasing inspired this conducted reseach. The goal was to
find out interest of foreign tourist in Surabaya to Indonesian appetizer. The specifict goals were: (1) Find out
how much interest do Foreign Tourist in Surabaya take Indonesian Appetizer, and (2) Find out kind of appetizer
which Foreign Tourist in Surabaya are interested more.
This research identified interest and kind of appetizer which foreign tourists liked more based on survey. The
domain was Surabaya and the objects of the research were 25 respondences who were foreign tourists did
vocation in Surabaya. In difference of sex, there were 72 % male and the rest were female. Most of respondences
12 % ware from USA. The 56 % of respondence arrived in Surabaya for vocation. Most of them 36 % took
duration 4 - 7 days of stay. Hotel was choosen by 80 % of the respondences. The interest of taking indonesian
appatizer of the whole of them which were 3,43 that was considered much good. The data showed foreign tourist
who consumed indonesian appetizer liked them. Conected to the theory, this interest were belong to primitive
interest, that is biologist interest, such as eating, drinking, and socialication. This interest also covered producing
generation. Foreign Tourist most favorite Indonesian Appetier was salad. This probably because of unique
source taste.


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