• Hajar Cherry Puspalillah Politeknik nsc surabaya


Distribution of finance by multi-finance companies is experiencing an increase. In line with this, the finance
industry has the potential to carve out growth in profitability. Therefore, multi-finance companies are required
to provide services to consumers or the public quickly, precisely and accurately. One of the service is by
following the development of the digitalization era by applying electronic filing. This research used descriptive
qualitative research. Qualitative research aims to obtain an overview of a matter according to the human
perspective studied. This research applied interview data collection and documentation methods. Informants
in this research were archival officers in multi-finance companies. The results of the research indicated that
the application of electronic filing procedures to multi-finance companies used automation systems or
computerized systems, called Electric Filing System (e-filing). Standardization of electronic filing of multifinance
companies includes storage standardization for softcopy photos of vehicles, domicile & business,
storage standardization of softcopy for contract active documents, standardization of softcopy grouping for
active contract documents, and standardization of active contract files naming.

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